Why Outsourcing Quality Assurance Services can be the next stepping stone for you company

What are the three parameters that qualify a top product?

The answer is easy and given – Integrity, Availability, Privacy

It is no secret anymore that in this competitive market -no matter the industry- only the best products make it through time. The simplest fault can lead to disaster as there will always be 

The next product that promises to do the same thing yours does and in better ways.

Software Testing is the lifeboat for any organization that looks to have a top-nodge product and become a big player in the market. It doesn't matter how many things your software can do at the moment, what it really matters is: Can it do them flawlessly?   

Soft Testing and Quality Assurance is a necessity that only few and mighty could afford in the past but not any more. With QA outsourcing your organization can now have a dedicated QA department at a much lower cost than building your own inhouse one. 

Apart from cost saving and quality in your product, outsourcing your testing can provide optimization of time for your developers and help them to follow the deadlines you set up for them.

And if these are not enough to convince you, we have here some statistics by Deloitte, coming from the annual study survey regarding the benefits of outsourcing 

And if these are not enough to convince you, we have here some statistics by Deloitte, coming from their annual study survey regarding the benefits of outsourcing 

More and more companies are moving to outsourcing, either by hiring QA companies or by supplementing their existing QA departments with third-party QA vendors like us






The Why in Numbers

According to GMI

due to the increasing need of people working with outsourced software testing, the market for this service is expected to grow significantly from 2020 to 2026.

In 2019, the market went over $40 billion the forecast indicates it is expected to grow over 6% from 2020 to 2026. 

When to consider outsourcing your Testing

The world has become so fast paced that people don’t want to stand by reading a page of info

Continuous Project

You have a long term project, you need to cut costs so you can hire more sales, devs or whatever your needs are.

Short-Term Project

You have a project coming that’s gonna last a while, it’s the project that’s gonna level up your product and of course you need a professional to make sure that everything will go well

One-Time Project but in-house team lacks the skills

You have a new project, a new feature on your product but your in-house QAs don’t have the needed skills

Make the right start

You are on the verge to start creating your product and you want to get everything right from day one