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Our Vision & Mission

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Why you need to

outsource your


Learn why outsourcing your Quality Assurance & Testing can be the next stepping stone for you company


A few things we’re great at

Here at QArk1, with more than 10+ years
combined experience in large corporate environments
and young energetic colleagues, we bring to you 
the absolute most of the services your product needs

Multi – Testing Level Services

No matter what your needs are, we offer a variety of Testing Levels and Types. With high confidence in our services, we can over you a holistic solution to your product’s testing lifecycle   


At Qark1, we created a very responsive services’ plan in order to give our customers the option to select only the necessary services and pay for the things they need with no extra fees and hidden costs

Open Line of Communications

We are proud of our open line of communications. Being in constant communication is of vital importance for us. Working with QArk1 you will always be part of the process and have access to the entire procedure until the delivery of services

How things go with us

The Secret  to Success

Our Secret to Success lies in our transparency in the procedure and the ease we provide for the customer to get going in just 4 Steps

Step 1

Contact us, let us know of what you are interested in

Step 2

We will ask for specifics in order to come up with the best solution for your needs

Step 3

We dicover the silver lining and proceed to technical details and structures

Step 4

We finalize the process and we are ready to test


We proudly present you our Awards

Thank you SuperbCompanies!
QArk1 is very excited to announce that we have been named as a leading Automation Testing Company by SuperbCompanies. This is a huge honor for our team and a great recognition of our hard work and dedication.
Our enthusiasm for receiving this award cannot be described in words!
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Our Team

With no further words
We present you our young, dynamic and energetic team 

John Michail

Co-Founder & CTO

Rafael Koukkoullis

Co-Founder & CXO