Process flow

Steps to perform QA Audit for your team

Review your existing standards, documentation, processes & procedures
Assign an Engineer to analyse the case
Provide a detailed report of the found issues & a case study with proposed fixes
You apply the needed fixes and recommendations
Review the fixes and monitor the progress
Provide support to each individual QA regarding their specific responsibilities in the new workflow

QA Consulting And Audit

QArk1 provides advisory services that have a fixed duration and a confirmed end date. These engagements are typically focused on improving the processes and teams of our clients. Usually, these engagements are conducted by our senior professional services and executive leadership teams.

Most of the time, consulting services are delivered under a materials engagement model, which allows consultants to work more efficiently and reduce their time needed. This type of work often involves carrying out assessments. Having the necessary resources and material can help move projects smoothly and under budget.