Are you considering to outsource your Testing in Cyprus?

You's why

  • Republic of Cyprus is a full member of the European Union
  • Cyprus has the second-highest tertiary educational attainment rate in the EU at 57.1% – clearly surpassing the EU average of 40.7%
  • Being in the middle of three continents (Asia, Europe, Africa) making it very attractive for business with global activity
  • The country's tax system is one of the most attractive for foreign companies
  • Cyprus is on GMT +2 time zone making it very helpful to work along with companies in many countries
  • The last 20 years Cyprus has attracted vast numbers of global companies to open offices
  • Cyprus by analogy is a hub of Software organisations
  • 76% of Cypriots can speak English with the overall fluency of that proportion also higher than in other European countries like Spain and Italy
  • Low company tax rate allows organisations register in the country to charge on lower tarifs for the offered services